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Mining Justice

If your congregation used the 2012 Peace Sunday Packet "Under the surface: mining, violence and solidarity" we'd like to hear your feedback: Email or call 613-238-7224.

Around the world, Canadian companies are at the forefront of the mining and resource extraction industry. Seventy-five percent of all mining companies in the world are based in Canada. 

Canadian mining operations around the world are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, mines provide jobs, they invest in a host nation's economy, and often contribute towards schools, clinics and other projects.

But there is another side.

Jobs are often short-lived and the financial benefits to the economy are meager. Mines often displace people from their homes, destroy land, and contaminate water supplies. Frequently, the people who occupy the land – often, Indigenous peoples – are not adequately consulted. Sometimes, Canadian mining operations contribute to human rights violations, violence and armed conflict.

MCC's partners tell us that the practices of Canadian mining companies are contributing to their suffering. MCC does not have all the answers, but we have committed ourselves to a journey for mining justice. Please join us!