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2011 seminar reflections


“The seminar was not only consistent with the theme, it totally covered it and then took it a step further by challenging us to think of what we can do to help. Excellent.”      – Student participant

"I decided to attend because I wanted to learn something more about Canada and meet some new people. When I came back home the next day on the news…I felt very good 'cause I [knew] what was going on…Now I have a picture in my head of…what [the Canadian Government] is doing, positive and negative things like mining justice, and First Nations issues."      – IVEP volunteer

“[It] was amazing to meet, and hear the perspectives of the Members of Parliament, [and] how they work …I never imagined really [knowing] about politicians in Canada. As an International volunteer I am so grateful to have been in Ottawa and know [how] to share with others about the process and the House of Commons and the work of the Members of Parliament.”     – IVEP volunteer   

“I wanted the seminar to go longer, maybe from a Thursday to a Monday...The whole thing was fantastic!”     – Student participant